Learn About SakiAce

SakiAce came from my first name (Ahsaki) and last (Acevedo). I created SakiAce when the pandemic hit in 2019. I knew I wanted to do something with my creativity, I just didnt know exactly what it would be, until I used my cousins wacom and learned to draw digitally. SakiAce which is pronounced separately (Saki Ace) started with Prints which then lead to Phone Cases, Keychains, Tote Bags, Gaming Desk Pad & now 3D products! I hope these pieces you buy will shine a light in your home or on you 🖤

Meet Saki

Actual name is Ahsaki, but everyone calls me Saki. I love reading, drawing, creating, having my iPad near me in case I get any ideas from watching something. Fav color is light blue, pink & red. I play video games all day when I could, fav type of video games are RPG, especially if there is romance ❤ I also love cherry blossoms 🌸

IG: @ahsaki